Tekla Connection Designer Export

Last updated May 2, 2018 by Tekla Structural Designer Development Team tekla-product-development-tsd-team-ug@trimble.com

Tekla Connection Designer Export

Tekla Structural Designer 2018 has added the ability to export column base plates and beam-beam and beam-column moment connections to Tekla Connection Designer (formerly CSC Fastrak Connections).
Connection items are created within the Tekla Structural Designer model file which can be exported to Tekla Connection Designer for design.

It should be noted that Tekla Structural Designer undertakes an elastic analysis so if you wish to design connections resulting from an elastic-plastic design using Tekla Portal Frame Designer then these should be undertaken within Tekla Portal Frame Designer.

(Video updated for Tekla Structural Designer 2018 SP1)

Connection design
Moment connection
Base plate connection
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