Manage, display and design result lines

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Tekla Structural Designer 2019i

Manage, display and design result lines

Manage, display and design result lines

You can place user-defined result lines across 2D element meshes. For these lines, Tekla Structural Designer determines the force and moment results from the shell/plate/membrane nodal analysis results. These results can then be used to assess design solutions, typically for the design of wall panels with openings.

Engineering judgement is required when positioning the lines to ensure suitable design forces are obtained.

Create result lines

  1. Open a 2D view containing the wall or slab within which you want to place the strip.
  2. In the Status bar , clickResults View. The Results toolbar opens.
  3. In the 2D Integrated Results group , clickResult Line.
  4. Click the start point of the line.
  5. Click the end point of the line.
    Tip: Neither the start or the end point have to match nodes in the mesh.

    Tekla Structural Designer creates a result line between the selected points.

  6. Do one of the following:
    • Continue placing further result lines.
    • Press Esc to exit the command.

View the analysis results for result lines

Note: An analysis must be performed after adding or editing result lines in order to obtain up to date results.

To view the results, do the following:

  1. Open a view containing the result lines whose results you want to view.
  2. In the Status bar , clickResults View.

    The Results toolbar opens.

  3. Set the analysis type and loading for viewing analysis results.
  4. In the 2D Integrated Results group , click Result Lines , then from the droplist in the same group, select the desired result.
  5. From the droplist in the 2D Integrated Results group , select the effect that you want to view.
  6. From the Text group select Forces to display values on the diagram.

    Tekla Structural Designer displays the selected result on the result line.

    Note: All forces in the results are rotated to be in the axis system of the result line.
    Tip: If you are working in a 2D view and you can't see any results, try displaying the view in isometric projection.

Interactively design result lines

An interactive design option is available for result lines from the right-click context menu.

  • The engineer chooses from wall or column section design options and the appropriate Interactive section design dialog is displayed.
  • The wall length/ column depth considered is the Result Line length. The design dialog features full interactive manual selection of both lateral and vertical reinforcement, Interaction Diagrams and auto-design and check options, just as for a regular wall/ column section. Note that result lines are not constrained to cross sections in the horizontal plane - vertical sections can be used above/between openings to investigate forces and reinforcement requirements in “coupling beams”.
    • The section design always considers the main bars (running perpendicular to the cross section) as being on the inner layer, from a design perspective this will tend to be conservative but the engineer should give this some consideration when working with non-horizontal sections.
    • Note that the design does not consider the reinforcement specified in wall properties - only that which is defined in the Interactive design dialog.
    • Currently this feature is not linked with Reports and so it is envisaged output will be via screenshots of the interactive design and check results dialogs.

To interactively design a result line, do the following:

  1. Open a view containing the result line to be designed.
  2. Hover the mouse pointer over the result line that you want to design.

    The Select Entity tooltip appears.

  3. In the Select Entity tooltip , navigate to the result line (RL) name by using the arrow keys.
  4. Right-click the result line.
  5. In the context menu that appears, select Interactive Design... (As a column section, or as a wall section as required).

    The selected (column or wall) interactive design dialog is displayed with the Additional Design Cases page populated with the result line results.

  6. Modify the reinforcement parameters as required to achieve a satisfactory design, and click the Check button to examine the detailed design results.
    Note: For help on using the interactive dialogs, see Interactive concrete column design and Interactive concrete wall design.

Delete result lines

Tip: To delete a strip, ensure that Result Strips are switched on in Scene Content.
  1. Open a view containing the strip that you want to delete.
  2. In the Quick Access toolbar , clickDelete.
  3. In the model, click the result line that you want to delete.

    Tekla Structural Designer deletes the selected result line.

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