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Design members and walls

Added August 6, 2019 by Admin admin

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Tekla Structural Designer 2019

Design members and walls

Design members and walls

Before commencing the design you should take a moment to ensure design options and autodesign settings are set as required:

If working to either the Eurocode or US headcode, you may also want to introduce more/less conservatism to the design process by specifying user defined utilation ratios:

Having set the properties and options as required you can then proceed to:

  • Choose an appropriate combined analysis and member design command to rapidly assess all steel members and/or concrete members/walls in your model in a single pass.
  • Alternatively, for some models you may find it more efficient to run an analysis in the first instance and then selectively design the model - in this way you can choose to design or check:
    • individual members
    • selected members
    • individual concrete members interactively
    • all members in a level
    • all members in a frame
    • all members in a slope
    • all members of a particular secion or type
    • all members in a group
    • all members in a sub structure
    • all members in the model
Note: Additional considerations may be necessary when designing members and walls for seismic analysis, see Seismic design methods in the Seismic analysis and design handbook.
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