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Display solver models

Added August 6, 2019 by Admin admin

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Tekla Structural Designer 2019

Display solver models

Display solver models

You can display the solver model user for each analysis type in 2D or 3D by opening an appropriate solver view.

If you have performed more than one analysis type, then (providing the geometry and loading have not changed between runs), each solver model is retained.


Changes to mesh size or uniformity do not constitute a change in the geometry. Hence, if different meshes have been applied for each analysis type, the different solver models are retained.

To Click the link below:
Learn about the different solver model types and what is displayed within them Solver model types
Open a solver view to display a solver model Open a solver view
Change the solver model type displayed in a solver view View the solver model used for a particular analysis
View properties of solver model objects View solver model object properties
View tabular solver model data and solver model results View tabular solver model data
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