How do I delete my perpetual (Sentinel RMS) license(s) from my PC or Server?

Last updated June 25, 2020 by Tekla Structural Designer Global Support

How do I delete my perpetual (Sentinel RMS) license(s) from my PC or Server?


You may need to delete your perpetual (Sentinel RMS) license(s) from your PC or Server for the following reasons:


First, ensure that you have completed all the following steps.  If you have any questions or problems with this, you can contact your Your Local Support Team.

  • Received and activated (where required) your new license(s) - be these perpetual Sentinel RMS or Online ones
    • Note that Online licenses do not require activation, but you will need to ensure you/ your users have a Tekla Online Account and are in your Organization (see the related article linked above for more details)
  • Reconfigured your set up to use this - for example by redirecting clients to the new license server or changing the license method to Online (see the related article linked above for more details) 
  • Verified your Structural Design application(s) are working correctly using your replacement/ online license(s). 

Then see the following section for what to do next.


Proceed as follows.

  • For Server Licenses you must perform this operation on the License Server Computer.  It cannot be done on a client (the term for any other PC on which you run Tedds or TSD).  You may need to contact your System Administrator to access your License Server.
  • When you are on the appropriate computer, open the Structural Licensing System and User Settings via Start > Programs > Tekla > System and User Settings as shown below

  • Select the License Manager page, then enable the "Manage" option under Local (for Local Computer Locked licenses) or Server (for Server licenses)

  • For Local Computer Locked licenses, run the License Manager application

  • Reminder - for Server licenses License you must go to (or Remote into) the license Server computer.  Server licenses cannot be deleted on a client.
  • When you are on the server, open the License Server Manager application

  • On the Manage page select and Delete all the License Features for the program(s) the licenses of which are being moved or transitioned, as shown in the picture below. 
  • Then Close the Manager.

  • If you have been asked to provide confirmation that you have deleted your license(s), you can take a screenshot of the License Manager/ License Server Manager application showing the licenses are no longer listed at this stage.
  • The process of deleting your licenses is now complete

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