How do I set up a previous version (prior to 2020) to use Tekla Online Licensing?

Last updated March 19, 2020 by Tekla Structural Designer Global Support

How do I set up a previous version (prior to 2020) to use Tekla Online Licensing?


I have a previous version of Tekla Structural Designer (or other Structural Design products) installed - e.g. version 2019 - how do I set this up to use Tekla Online Licensing?


Important: Ensure you have a Tekla Online Account and Online License


First make sure you have all the following set up - to see how to do/ check this watch the video Using Tekla subscription licenses.  You need:

  • A Trimble Identity and Tekla Online Account
  • To be a member of your Organization
  • To have an Online License assigned to you

Setting up your computer to use a Tekla Online License 

  1. If you have already installed version 2020 of Tekla Tedds, Tekla Strucutral Designer, Tekla Portal Frame Designer or Tekla Connection Designer go to step 4.

  2. Download the new Tekla License Service version 3.00 (or later) from Tekla Downloads
  3. Install the Tekla Structural License Service you have downloaded. When asked to choose which components to install, only enable the Tekla Client License Manager option.
  4. Press the Windows Key on your keyboard- or click the Windows button on the Windows taskbar - and start typing System and User settings.
  5. Click on that option (App) when it appears on the Windows Start menu to open Tekla Structural Licensing > System & User Settings
  6. Configure your Products as follows
    1. Using the tree menu on the left, select System then Products
    2. In the list of products on the right, select the product(s) you want to configure.
    3. Set the License method = Tekla Online
    4. Click OK.
  7. Now run the application - you will be prompted to sign into your Tekla Online Account.  Enter your sign in credentials and ensure you check the "Stay signed in" option - the application will then open and you can get to work.



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