Tekla Structural Designer 2019 Service Pack 4

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Tekla Structural Designer 2019 Service Pack 4

This release will upgrade your Tekla Structural Designer installation to version number and should be installed to ensure optimum function of the program.   It includes a number of enhancements and issue resolutions as detailed below. 

If you are upgrading from a version earlier than the previous release 2019 Service Pack 3 (version you can find details of requirements, enhancements and fixes for all previous releases in Tekla User Assistance (TUA) and Tekla Downloads via the links below:


Licensing & Installation

  • Licensing:
    • No new license is required for this version.
    • License Server Version - for Server licenses, it is always our recommendation that you are running the latest version of the Tekla Structural License Service on your license server.  Please see System Requirements for specific version details.
  • Installation - this service pack requires Tekla Structural Designer 2019 to be installed.
    • Previous Versions and file compatibility - Files from all previous versions can be opened in this release however note that, once saved, they may not open in an older version.  If you wish to retain this option we therefore recommend using the File > Save As… option to save a new version of the file and retain the original.

Enhancements & Fixes

General & Modeling

  • [TSD-4936]1 - Create Infills - In some circumstances, an error or crash would occur when using the Create Infills command. This is fixed in this release.



  • [TSD-4910]1 - Beam Design - Westok Beams - BS and EC head codes - design of Westok beams with elongated openings could produce a Pass status, despite elongated openings being beyond the scope of the program. This is fixed in this release, so that the status is correctly set to Beyond Scope for such beams.

Head Code BS

  • [TSD-4443]1 - Beam Design - Steel Beams with web openings - Deflection - when Vierendeel deflection was calculated for web openings, the shear force was incorrectly coming from the load combination instead of the loadcase. This resulted in higher than expected deflection results. This is fixed in this release.


1 This number is an internal reference number and can be quoted to your local Support Department should further information on an item be required.

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