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Tekla Structural Designer 2017 Service Pack 3

Last updated November 20, 2017 by Tekla Structural Designer Development Team tekla-product-development-tsd-team-ug@trimble.com

Tekla Structural Designer 2017 Service Pack 3

This release will upgrade your installation to Tekla Structural Designer 2017 Service Pack 3 version number and should be installed to ensure optimum function of the program. It includes a number of issue resolutions as detailed below.

If you are updating from a version earlier than Tekla Structural Designer 2017 Service Pack 2 (version you can find details of enhancements and fixes included in all previous releases in Tekla User Assistance (TUA) and Tekla Downloads.  You will find all the main releases listed in the Knowledge base area of TUA under Release notes while those for Service Packs can be found under Updates.  Links to release notes together with the version number can also be found in Tekla Downloads (login required).

Licensing & Installation

  • Licensing - no new license is required for this version.
  • Installation - this service pack requires Tekla Structural Designer 2017 to be installed and will upgrade this to version
    • Previous Versions and file compatibility - Files from all previous versions can be opened in Tekla Structural Designer 2017 Service Pack 3 however note that once saved they cannot then be opened in an older version. If you wish to retain this option we therefore recommend using the File > Save As… option to save a new version of the file and retain the original.

Issues with Associated Bulletins

  • Slab Design - Punching Shear Checks - Walls - All Head Codes - punching checks applied to walls with automatically reduced perimeters (accounting for the effects of adjacent openings) did not correctly detect the wall axial loading and set VEd equal to zero. While this issue would be apparent in the punching check design details, a check was still performed which could have a pass status. Note that this issue did not affect checks on columns which is the more usual case. The issue only applied to Tekla Structural Designer 2017 and its subsequent Service packs 1 and 2 and is fixed in this Service Pack. For more information please see Product Bulletin PBTSD-1706-1 (14001).

Enhancements & Fixes

General & Modelling

  • Review View - Show/Alter State:
    • A new “Size Constraints” Attribute is added to the options available in the Properties Window when the Show/Alter State button is activated.  This allows graphical review and editing of beam auto-design size constraints max/min depth and width (4172).
    • A dedicated button for the Fixed/Pinned Review/Edit function is reinstated on the Ribbon (4171).
  • Edit > Rationalize - running the Edit > Rationalize command (which removes unused planes, grid or construction lines) could produce invalid data in some models, which could then cause program errors in a number of processes such as model editing, saving and viewing analysis results (14017).
  • File Saving - a program error “Error while saving file!” could occur when attempting to save a file after cancelling the analysis process (53444).
  • File Opening - rarely models containing invalid data produced by incorrectly handled editing could fail to open.  File checking and reading routines which run during opening are improved to better cope with this circumstance (13985).

Analysis & Results

  • Analysis Process - FE Chase-down - the FE Chase-down part of the analysis process would fail to complete in models containing steel beams with overlapping haunches.  Such models are likely to be a rare and the result of a modelling error, however the analysis process is enhanced to cope with this circumstance (14026).
  • Load Analysis View - Concrete Beams - rarely, for certain more complex geometries, a program error could occur in the Load Analysis View for the results of some loadcases (53412).


  • Perimeter Load - a program error could occur when attempting to view load cases containing perimeter loads on a level which did not contain slab items.  This circumstance could occur where levels were deleted or slab items removed after applying perimeter loads to such levels (13990, 14017).



  • Foundations - Isolated - Pad Bases - auto-design routines are improved to better optimise reinforcement bars chosen when base size and depth are also set to auto-design (13884).
  • Slab Design - Punching Checks - Walls - for checks applied at the bottom of walls supported on transfer slabs, for which VEd was negative (the usual case) and for which the tension reinforcement surface was correctly set, the check was incorrectly flagged as Beyond Scope and no check was performed (14004).

Head Code EC

  • Steel Design - Westok Cellular Beams - in some circumstances the design process for Westok cellular beams could fail.  This could produce a Process Error flag in the Process Window or prevent completion of the Design (Static) process (14035).

Reports & Drawings

  • Member Reports - Design Calculations - Critical Level - superfluous output for non-governing combinations and loading conditions that did not require checking is now removed from the report (13761).
  • Column Design Summary - rarely, a model or member report containing the Column Design Summary item would fail to generate for some columns (14023).
  • Planar Drawings:
    • General Arrangement - Frames - the drawing would fail to generate if the model contained analysis elements in the frame for which the drawing was being produced (13974,14002).
    • Beam End Forces - for certain geometries the beam end forces boxes on the drawing were not correctly located adjacent to their associated beams rendering the drawing difficult to interpret (13483).


The number in brackets after an item denotes an internal reference number.  This can be quoted to your local Support Department should further information on an item be required.

32bit (x86) and 64bit (x64) Versions

Service packs are available for both 32bit (x86) and 64bit (x64) versions of Tekla Structural Designer. Before downloading, check which version you have currently installed via the Information button at the top right of the Tekla Structural Designer window, then download the appropriate service pack

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