Tekla Structural Designer 2015i Service Pack 3

Last updated November 20, 2017 by Tekla Structural Designer Development Team tekla-product-development-tsd-team-ug@trimble.com

Tekla Structural Designer 2015i Service Pack 3

This service pack should be installed to ensure optimum function of the program. Several improvements and issues have been resolved including:

  • Head Code BS – Bracing Design CHS Sections When the axial load in the brace is 0. The software was classifying the brace member as if it were in compression.
  • Reports – Analysis Diagrams – Axial, Shear and Moment diagrams. The missing text values have now been reinstated on to the diagrams.
  • All Head Codes – Composite Design – The Allow Non-Composite Design option, if the software is not able to find a Composite solution which satisfies the design criteria now works as expected
  • Head Code US – Composite Design – During the automatic design process the construction stage combination was not been included in the automatic design process.
  • Drawings – Column Schedule – User defined groups were not being listed in the Column schedule content list.
  • Validation – Member Intersections – the validation process was incorrectly reporting intersection errors for diagonal truss members.
  • Head Code US – Steel Joist Design – If any size constraints had been specified these were being ignored by the auto design process.
  • Head Code US – Steel Joist Design – Any design combination which included notional load effects were causing steel joists to fail.
  • Head Code US – Compression Members – Slenderness Warnings. The software no longer sets the status to Warning is the slenderness ratio exceeds 200.
  • Head Code BS – Westok Cellular Beams – In some instances the software threw an exception when trying to view the design results for a Westok Cellular Beam.
  • Decomposition – Decomposition of Line and Patch loads which lie along slab edges. Enhancements have been made to reduce the number of warnings related to loads which have not been applied to the structure, because they lie outside of the slab edge.
  • BS Head Code – Punching Shear Checks – There was a limit applied that if the effective depth of the slab is 200mm or less the software reported a Beyond Scope status. This limit should have been checked against the depth of the slab (h) and not the effective depth (d).
  • Column Patch – The column patch did not extend over the full area of the column, if there were two separate slabs defined around the column.
  • Copying Trusses - A first truss is created and copied to create a second truss. This second truss then has its properties updated. This second truss is now copied, but any new truss created still had the properties of the first truss rather than the second truss.
  • Move Model – If a model was moved which included slab openings, the slab openings were not moved with the rest of the model.
  • Results View – Service Factors button was preventing display of the various vibration mode shapes.
  • Head Code BS\EC – Amplified moment method of analysis can now be run when the structure model includes non-linear members (Tension Only Bracing).

32bit (x86) and 64bit (x64) Versions

Service packs are available for both 32bit (x86) and 64bit (x64) versions of Tekla Structural Designer. Before downloading, check which version you have currently installed via the Information button at the top right of the Tekla Structural Designer window, then download the appropriate service pack.

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