Tekla Structural Designer 2015i Service Pack 1

Last updated November 20, 2017 by Tekla Structural Designer Development Team tekla-product-development-tsd-team-ug@trimble.com

Tekla Structural Designer 2015i Service Pack 1

This service pack should be installed to ensure optimum function of the program. Several improvements and issues have been resolved including:

  • Enhancements to performance and stability particularly related to tolerances.
  • All Head Codes - Concrete solver model creation issue, when a beam is connected to another beam along its length – the program generated an invalid rigid zone. This issue was introduced with release 15.1. Installing the service pack will resolve this issue automatically.
  • Auto design of steel members, the program would fail to find the smallest section which satisfies the design criteria, when the selected order file had some inactive sections in the order file list.
  • Speed enhancement related member design.
  • All Head Codes – An exception which could occur generating some excel reports.
  • Head Code BS\EC – Tension only bracing, the design process reported a fail for the brace when the brace axial force was zero.
  • Head Code BS\EC – In some instances the program was failing to design beams with web openings.
  • Beam end forces and foundations report now has the section size included within this report.

32bit (x86) and 64bit (x64) Versions

Service packs are available for both 32bit (x86) and 64bit (x64) versions of Tekla Structural Designer. Before downloading, check which version you have currently installed via the Information button at the top right of the Tekla Structural Designer window, then download the appropriate service pack.

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