Getting started

Getting started

To help you get started with Tekla Structural Designer we have created a series of dedicated hints & tips, each one focused on a particular feature of Tekla Structural Designer.


See how fast and intuitive it is to create multi-material models.


Discover how you can save significant design time with automated wind loading.


See how Tekla Structural Designer automates all the analysis for you. We will demonstrate how transparent the results are, so you can stay in total control.

Concrete design

Learn how to design and optimize your entire reinforced concrete building in one seamless process. See how you can create an efficient design, prepare and compare alternative schemes, and manage changes easily.

Steel design

See just how easy it is to analyze and design steel structures. We will demonstrate how to create a detailed design and optimize elements like composite beams, columns, trusses, braces and plated sections. Improve your productivity and establish the optimum design at the touch of a button.

Drawings and documentation

Generate reports and drawings quickly and efficiently directly from your model. You will see how easy it is to export your calculations and provide a wide range of professional and customisable project documentation.

Building Information Modeling

In these videos we provide a brief introduction and overview of how to integrate Tekla Structural Designer models and how to manage the changes that take place during the integration process.