eLearning course - First Steps

This interactive elearning course consists of tutorials that you can take in any order.


This eLearning tutorial welcomes you to the Tekla Structural Designer First steps course. It also introduces Tekla Structural Designer by demonstrating both a steel and a concrete model being created, loaded, designed and output being generated.  Please note that the demonstrations are intended to...
Tutorial duration: 35min

This eLearning tutorial introduces you to the user interface and the basic working methods required to use Tekla Structural Designer effectively.
Tutorial duration: 30min

This eLearning tutorial looks at how to configure Tekla Structural Designer to work the way you wish to work. It looks at Settings sets and how these become Model settings when New project files are created. You will learn how to update both, copy information between the two, and create a company...
Tutorial duration: 15min

This eLearning tutorial looks at modeling aids (construction levels, construction lines, gridlines and architectural grids) as well as how to model the various physical object types (columns , beams, walls, slabs, trusses and panels).
Tutorial duration: 30min

This eLearning tutorial looks at how to create loadcases, apply panel, member and structure loads into the loadcases, and then create load combinations and envelopes, ready for design.
Tutorial duration: 15min

This eLearning tutorial looks at the design of members in Tekla Structrural Designer
Tutorial duration: 30min

This eLearning tutorial looks at generating reports and drawings in Tekla Structural Designer
Tutorial duration: 30min

In this eLearning tutorial you will learn about the Tekla Structural Designer Integrator to share model data between Autodesk Revit and Tekla Structural Designer.
Tutorial duration: 60 mins

In this eLearning course you will gain an understanding of the different analyses models carried out by Tekla Structrual Designer. As well as a full 3D building analysis, where models contain concrete, additional analysis models are created to provide results in line with traditional expectations....
Tutorial duration: 30 mins

Engineers can now assess their designs for embodied carbon at the Early-Stage Design Phases (A1, A2 and A3) using Tekla Structural Designer. This tutorial will show that assessment is simple and instantaneous alllowing an engineer to: Compare Embodied Carbon vs Design Utilization. Breakdown...
Tutorial duration: 30min

In this tutorial, we will take a detailed look at Property Sets, learn what they are, and how they can help us to work more efficiently with the Properties window. Using property sets, we can quickly and easily assign and change the properties of entities within the model, and easily ensure...
Tutorial duration: 30 min